Destination Kansas City

Welcome to a Greater Kansas City

Greater Kansas City may lack mountains and beaches, but in important economic and lifestyle sectors it is developing more features than may initially meet the eye.


Despite being located in the middle of the country—and in some ways because of that—the Kansas City area is on the verge of becoming one of the nation’s most significant ports. Rail, highway and even air cargo facilities are now under way that
will not only further enhance the region as a major transportation hub, but a key location for everything from telecommunications to the life sciences. Like Kansas City’s phenomenal Downtown renaissance, these trends are as sweeping as they are unprecedented.

In many ways, however, it is misleading to see these trends as revolutionary. Many of the communities that comprise Greater Kansas City were in fact founded because of location. Westward exploration, trade and settlement in the form of the Santa Fe and
other trails radiated from here for the same reason that interstate highways and rail do today. Today’s growth is not new, although its scope is yet to be imagined.

Another constant is the personality of these Midwestern communities and the people who live and work here. Like the open, level country that forms much of this region, these residents are known for friendliness and steadiness. Visitors may be surprised when strangers say “hello” while passing by. Employers are astounded at the productivity advantages that in some cases approach double that for other areas of the U.S.

The area’s cultural and entertainment amenities have expanded in line with the thriving economy. Indeed, one of the biggest economic expansions involves the Downtown KC rebirth, which boasts as one of its main features a nine-block entertainment district, new
sports arena, performing arts center, galleries and more.

Greater Kansas City has always been a major regional urban area, with few competing markets closer than a half-day’s drive. In many ways, what is occurring in this region today is that economic forces and community leaders are taking greater advantage of these opportunities.

While none of this is speculative, the ultimate achievements that occur here are still being determined. That and the very real opportunities presented are drawing interest both within Greater Kansas City and throughout the country.

We welcome you to explore the fertile investment opportunities throughout the Kansas City region and we encourage your organization to consider being a part of its promising future.